Dalicia Carty

Skin Deep

_12-02-15-69How did you get into makeup?
It wasn’t planned. I wasn’t into makeup when I was in high school because I was not a girlie girl. It just happened as I got older. I’ve never studied makeup formally. I finished high school in 2010. I started doing makeup late 2011. Most of my clientele started around May 2012.

Where did you learn your techniques?
I am a YouTube student. I lived, breathed, and ate YouTube for months and years. I don’t watch them as often now because I can handle myself but I still like to go on every now and again. You’re never too old to learn anything.

Any major projects that you’ve worked on?
The ’Diced Pineapple’ music video with Rick Ross, Wale and Drake. That was a great experience. The last ’Miss Anguilla’ pageant, I did the winner and I’m very proud. I did the Governor’s makeup recently for the shoot with you guys [Design Anguilla cover]. That was major. She wiped off half the stuff I put on her face. I guess it’s not really her thing. [laughs]

How do you balance being at tasty’s and doing Makeup?
Well I work for my dad [Dale Carty] because it’s so easy for me to be flexible. My clients will meet me here, and I can do what I need to then come straight back to work. If I had a regular 9-5, I wouldn’t be able to do this at the same time. I love working with my dad, though.

I prefer natural looks…I think [women] just need to look like a better version of themselves.
—Dalicia Carty

Do you do your own makeup?
I’m really lazy to do my own makeup, but no one’s ever done it. I rarely wear makeup unless I have somewhere important to go. I do practice on my self, though.

What’s your method?
I prefer to do natural looks. I want you to look and feel like you, and not feel overwhelmed. I love colors and glitters and sparkles and gems for Carnival, and ’Parade of Troupes’. But when you are going out to a function, I feel like women just need to look like a better version of themselves.

Do you usually do large groups?
Most of my big jobs are wedding groups. I freelance at different hotels and it’s usually a lot of people.

Anyone you look up to?
Ming Lee. She is my role model in every sense of the word. She was a hairdresser and now she has different salons around the US called ’Snob Life’. That’s what I want, hopefully. I want there to be ’Beats By Dal’ around the Caribbean. That’s the name of my brand.

How did you come up with the name?
I don’t quite remember how, but ’Beats’ is a term in the makeup community used to mean giving someone good makeup. Like ’I just beat your face’. So ’Beats By Dal’ just happened.

What are your goals ?
For now I’m trying to get my own studio. I want to do a class eventually, because a lot of people keep asking. I do one on one classes every now and again when I have the time, but I want to do seminars. I hope I’ll be able to do some celebrities makeup, one day, like Beyoncé or Rihanna. Who wouldn’t want to do that? For now I’m just trying to get my own studio. I can’t leave my dad though, because then I wouldn’t have the freedom, plus my dad needs me here. But makeup is my passion, it’s what I love doing.

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