Issue 08

Throw a rock anywhere in Anguilla and you’re likely to hit a musician of some sort. Per capita, you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world with as many musically talented people. Keyboards, drums, guitars and vocalists, you name it, they’re all here…and they’re pretty good. This was the hardest issue to put together for this very reason. With so many musicians, how do we decide on the stories? They’re all compelling in their own right and we hope we did it some justice. Inside, we traverse genres, from soca to gospel and a few others for good measure. This issue takes snapshots of musical culture in Anguilla: music education at the Morlens School of Music; churches, where so many musicians get their start; as well as soca bands and their rivalries. With the Carnival’s 40th anniversary coming up, we felt it appropriate to go back to where it all began, while also getting the contestants of the Queen show together to become a calypso-rock band for an epic fashion editorial.



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