Issue 09

Issue 09 sees us welcome the beginning of another tourism season on Anguilla. It’s a time of considerable anticipation: New restaurants are opening and old favorites are trotting out new chefs and newer menus
Hotels and villas reopen, many with a fresh coat of paint, others yet still with even more extensive facelifts. This year, none more so than Malliouhana. After being closed for 3 years, its reopening has been met with anticipation.
Like our friends in hospitality, we are also starting a new season, with the beginning of our third year of publication and also quite like them, we’ve applied a new coat of paint here and there. Not so much that you won’t recognize us, though.
On the subject of paint, our cover image featuring model Nicole Morson sporting body paint of the flags of French and Dutch St. Martin as well as that of Anguilla. The image speaks to the connectedness of the two islands. Nicole, herself, was born in St. Martin, but now resides in Anguilla, reflecting the experience of many others, in either direction.
This issue celebrates and pays tribute to the shared histories of the two islands. We take the short, twenty minute jaunt across the Channel where we go looking for stories of people and places, with a bit of history thrown in.
We explore personalities on both islands that have their roots inextricably linked to both. We even do as so many Anguillians do on a weekly basis – take a day trip to enjoy shopping, food, friends and nightlife.
As always, do enjoy.



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