Issue 11

Issue 10 might have been our best received to date, so we simply had to follow up with the male counterpart. The needs of young men have been largely neglected, with nowhere near the same level of support – emotionally, economically, or academically as provided today to our young women.

Society is naturally protective of the fairer sex, but what of the fates of our boys and young men? For the sake of symbiosis, we need them empowered as well.

This issue celebrates Anguilla’s men – the fathers, brothers, entrepreneurs, caretakers and community activists helping to build this country. We also continue to profile the personalities, places and things that continue to make Anguilla the place it is.

We’ve chosen to highlight 10 young men who, in their own way, are making a difference. Theirs are stories of self discovery, exploration, struggle, triumph and excellence. We hope they inspire, affirm, or otherwise impact others.

Let’s hear it for the men.



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