Issue 12


We’d require a book to chronicle the story of Anguilla’s boat racing and, indeed, there is such a book – Nuttin’ Bafflin’ written by David Carty almost 20 years ago. This issue re-introduces the story, as well as look at some of the developments that have taken place in those 20 years. Some things have changed – there’s more technology being used; the boats are bigger, and they’re also faster. Other things haven’t: the passion, pride, tribalism that comes with the territory. Boat racing isn’t the only we cover. The tiny 35 sq. mile island can boast of having not one, but two elite, homegrown track and field athletes on the world stage. We chat with Shara Proctor, the British long jump record holder, about her decision to change allegiances, as well as her aspirations for the future. Her, and Zharnel Hughes’ success should serve as inspiration for others who themselves dream of making it to the world stage. We hope you enjoy!



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