Design Anguilla - 14 - The Wedding Issue

Issue 14


Design Anguilla - 14 - The Wedding Issue

If you’re getting married in Anguilla, you’ll be spoilt for choice, as there many great photographers resident on the island. In this issue, we share tips on getting the most out of your photographer and ensuring that you get stunning images you’ll be happy to look at years later. We speak with several talented local planners and designers who share their insights on budgets, decor, flowers, and all the other details that combine to make a special day memorable. In this issue we share real, heart-warming love stories from couples who decided to commit to each other forever, right here in Anguilla. Finally, we look back at the Anguilla weddings of yesteryear. It was a simpler time, but celebrations back then were as joyous and fun-filled, if not as lavish and spectacular as those of today. If you’re debating whether Anguilla is right for your nuptials—don’t. You simply can’t go wrong.



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