Issue 05

DA-ISS05-COVERWe thought it would be interesting to delve into the one part of Anguillian life that connects everything else: the sea. The island’s history is inseparable from the sea: it provided food, enabled trade, recreation and created culture. Inside, we embark on a few nautical adventures ourselves: one above, the other below the surface to explore the island’s connection to the sea. We chat with our new Governor, Her Excellency Christina Scott, and listen to her first impressions on Anguilla. Local musical legend and raconteur Bankie Banx shares stories from his 45 years in music; then, he takes the time to “design” his perfect Anguilla experience. We also go inside three residences whose views to the sea are their main attractions. Finally, we’ve also added community features and the magazine’s first fashion editorial. We hope you enjoy our sea issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


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