Issue 06

DA-ISS06-COVERThis issue, we look at a few literal, physical renovations and also explore the idea on a more ideological level. We see the story behind three renovations: the first, an old manufacturing and commercial property that gets a new life; the second, a waterfront home made bigger and better; the last, at an old wooden cottage-turned-boutique that seeks to retain all the charm of the hundred-year-old original. We look at the story of British Dependency, a local band that is no stranger to renovation. In their latest musical work, they feel that they finally understand themselves. We also introspect, re-imagining a life and making changes for the better. Our usual culinary exploration also takes us through some revamping as we interview a chef who has re-imagined the menus in multiple restaurants of a local hotel. We hope you enjoy reading and evolving with us.



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