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Let me introduce you to Little Bay, a beach on Anguilla’s north coast between Crocus Bay, the island’s highest point, and Shoal Bay, arguably, the world’s best beach. Little Bay is one of the best kept secrets on the island – you’re not even supposed to mention its name out loud. What makes this beach so special? The reasons are many, but one stands out – it’s the only beach on the island to which you can’t drive. There are two ways to get to this incredible little hideaway: one is by boat; and the other option is to climb down a cliff via rope. Let’s be adventurous and journey down the rope!

A ten minute hike (with closed-toe shoes) is needed to get to the cliff side. From there, three small nature trails, starting at different points, all lead you to the infamous rope. Once you get there, the view is of nothing less than paradise – glittering water and underwater rock formations that can clearly be seen from 70 feet above sea level.

Climbing down a rope of about 70 feet of rocky cliff may sound a bit dangerous, but it’s not. I’ve taken grandmothers down the rope and they’re still alive today and without any broken bones. Hold on to the rope and take small steps. Only when your feet touch the powdery sand should you let go. The reward for your hard work is not only a heart full of joy, eyes filled with pleasure and moments in time that you’ll never forget, it’s also a rare look at Pelican Rock, Little Bay’s underwater life and an authentic bat cave.

This beach may be called “little” but it will definitely have a huge impact on creating a lifetime of memories. One of Anguilla’s smallest beaches with a length of only about 100 feet, it offers soft white sand from end to end surrounded by ancient cliff walls, seemingly undisturbed for thousands of years. At 100 feet high at its highest point, the rocky cliff walls protect the bay meaning that the exquisite blue waters are almost always calm and peaceful.

Within the bay is Pelican Rock – a huge pillar rising 30 feet out of the water. It is located about 150 feet from the beach…just a short swim from the shore. The climb may have been a challenge, but to swim out to Pelican Rock will be refreshing. Another rope and rock climbing exercise takes you to the pinnacle. There you have a picture perfect view of a world of beauty that only exists in most people’s dreams. The best, and most fun, way off the rock is to jump which takes you back into pristine waters where you can snorkel, see large pelicans overhead, and get acquainted with the sea life of tropical fish, lobsters, morays, sting rays and sea turtles.

Little Bay may be touted as a marine park, but on the ground you’ll find lizards that look like they’re on steroids; nowhere else on the island can they be found bigger. If you look hard, maybe you’ll spot some iguanas, parrots and small harmless snakes, along with hermit crabs, red-footed tortoises, wild goats and the national bird – the turtle dove. You’ll be captivated with all of the animal life there is to explore.

To top it all off, on this same little treasure of a beach there’s also a massive cave. Characteristic of Little Bay, access to the cave is yet another challenge. You’ll have to get your feet wet or swim over to get in the cave because, yes, the entrance is in the ocean. Navigate through the reefs against the cliff and then pull your way over some huge boulders. Only then, may you enter the cave. Inside, silence is golden. You’ll be able to hear the sound of bats 60 feet overhead.

The combination of hiking, rope climbing, rock jumping, snorkeling, topped off with a bit of spelunking is not for the faint of heart and makes for a very fantastic workout, but your experience at Little Bay will be unsurpassed. It’s yet another hidden beach treasure – all real, all natural, and all here in Anguilla.

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130212-1311Andy W. Connor was born and raised in beautiful Anguilla, British West Indies. He is best known as the owner of Andy’s Car Rentals (, but is also a licensed seaman and author of the monthly tourist publication, Let’s Talk About Anguilla. Andy is a self-proclaimed “Beach Hunter” of Anguilla’s pristine beaches, both exposed and hidden, he is also an avid cyclist and water-lover; fishing and sailboat racing at every available opportunity.

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Andy W. Connor was born and raised in beautiful Anguilla, British West Indies. He is best known as the owner of Andy’s Car Rentals (, but is also a licensed seaman and author of the monthly tourist publication, Let’s Talk About Anguilla. Andy is a self-proclaimed “Beach Hunter” of Anguilla’s pristine beaches, both exposed and hidden, he is also an avid cyclist and water-lover; fishing and sailboat racing at every available opportunity.