Shanicia Richardson

Youthful Exuberance


A student at the newly-formed Ani Art Academy, Shanicia Richardson’s work captures her love for Anguilla’s beautiful scenery, culture and history. Her work has graced the walls of exihibits, and her persistence and passion for her art should be an inspiration for any aspiring artist.

Anguilla-born Shanicia Richardson developed her passion to pursue her art at a young age. Her involvement started with shell collecting and craft making.

“In my last days of high school, I would do sketches and designs on T-shirts for the ending of the school year,” she recalls. It was later on that she discovered her true talent while being trained by local artist, Mrs. Louise Brooks, and decided to make a career out of it.

With the support of her family and friends, Shanicia went on to further develop her skills under the tutelage of Mr. Jose Juan Morena Frances where her work improved significantly. Her pieces focus on Anguilla’s landscapes, oceans, wildlife, and traditional homes – the familiar uniqueness that is Anguilla. Shanicia explains her inspiration as “Anguilla’s beautiful scenery, the culture and history.”

She intends that persons will get a feeling of immersion when they look at her work.

“I hope to draw persons in when they look at my paintings,” she says. “I want when they stand in front of it, they imagine themselves in one of my scenes and fall in love with it.”

The opening of the Ani Art Academy in February 2012 has offered her the opportunity to acquire new skills and further develop the skills that she already possesses.

“Studying at the Art Academy is such a great opportunity. The program teaches us to be dedicated students while developing and learning new skills and techniques to create unique pieces of art. The program has, and is enhancing my talent and making me a more confident artist,” She said.

As a traditional artist working within what is considered to be a contemporary genre, Shanicia hopes that her lessons at the Academy will give her the confidence, not stray too far from her love of landscapes, but to improve their expression and use them as backdrops for something new and exciting.

An excellent example of Shanicia’s work would be her recently completed piece entitled ‘Ocean Blues’.

“This is my favourite painting,” she points out. “I love how I captured the shades of blue in this piece. There’s no way the beach can be wrong, the ocean can be any shade of blue and nobody can say that it’s wrong.”

As an emerging Artist, her work has matured and has already been featured in a number of exhibitions.

Shanicia is definitely a young artist to watch out for.

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