Tapa the World

Tapa the World


In Anguilla, ‘tapas’ is a catch-all term for different cultural and geographical variations of food in small servings  – tapas, canapés, hors d’oeuvres, and a host of others. The combinations of ingredients and styles of execution are endless, but the result is the same – to offer smaller amounts of food, and a greater variety of experiences.

The word ‘tapas’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘cover’ or ‘lid’, as the dishes were first served on a dish that covered a wine or cocktail glass. The idea was that bar patrons would be able to drink more if they could eat at the same time. The concept stuck: today, tapas menus are increasingly popular in bars, lounges and cocktail parties.

In Anguilla, we adapt and invent new tapas selections, often miniaturizing dishes that are traditionally served as full-sized meals into bite-sized ones. The presentation varies from place to place; some restaurants offer individual tapas items on their dinner menus, while others prepare separate tapas menus. Others go a step further, offering variety platters of different items and flavours – always a hit among large groups. These platters give patrons the chance to sample different items without having to commit to entrées. The inspirations for “tapas” at local eateries run the gamut and include Asian-styled dishes as well as Italian, French, American and Caribbean ones.

Wherever in Anguilla you choose to have your “light bites”, you can expect innovation.

Looking for some not-too-filling delights? Try these great local spots.

The SandBar’s menu of ‘tasty tapas’ got Anguilla excited about the small bite scene – now, everyone seems to have gotten in on the act. We’re looking forward to seeing what the new owners will feature on their menu.

Roy’s Bayside Grill
Roy’s new ‘bar snacks’ menu includes some fun items such as the very English-sounding ‘chips and gravy’ and the intriguingly named ‘pig wings’.

Tasty’s Restaurant
The tapas at Tasty’s have a distinctly Caribbean theme (as should be expected) and include deconstructed ribs and local fish cerviche served with ‘provisions’ chips.

Blue Bar at CeBlue
Freshly baked on the spot in their barside brick oven, a slice of the thin crust, Italian-style pizza at the stylish Blue Bar at CeBlue is one of our favourite things to have with a cocktail.

Lobby Bar at Cuisinart Golf Resort and Spa
Cuisinart’s Lobby Bar is a great place to enjoy a cocktail an exotic-sounding light bite like mushroom flatbread with goat cheese and arugula or yummy grilled cheese bites with a shot of tomato gazpacho. They often host live entertainers.

Da’Vida Restaurant
Da’Vida’s fresh new ‘Sushi Corner’ menu is both healthy and delicious. You’ll find traditional assorted sushi, sashimi and nigiri with pickled ginger and wasabi platter.

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